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About One Small Step

When my daughter entered a Montessori pre-school, they required waste-free lunches.  Living in the Bay Area of California, you'd think I wouldn't have had any problem finding safe, quality products.  But it proved surprisingly difficult. There just weren't enough products out there.  And I had to go to many different stores to find them.  That was my inspiration for One Small Step - to make it as simple as possible to do the right thing!

One Small Step is pleased to be able to provide parents with environmentally friendly, safe, stylish options for waste-free lunches. Our products encourage children to think and act “green”, one small step at a time.

After my daughter entered elementary school, although it was no longer required, I continued to provide her with waste-free lunches.  I found that by avoiding pre-packaged food, she was eating healthier, fresher meals - as well as learning valuable lessons about the Earth.

One Small Step is pleased to partner with non-profit organizations and donate 10 percent of our gross returns.  (Contact us to register your organization.)

Thank you for shopping with us and minimizing your environmental footprint!


Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help selecting a product.


Renata Bodon


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