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Are you a parent?

Make your purchases count! Forward our website information to your favorite school or non-profit.  (It's easy to do with our "Share This Page" feature.)  Each of your purchases will benefit the organization.  And then tell your friends and family so they can help your favorite school or non-profit too.

Are you from a school or non-profit?

Keep reading!  We are eager to help you meet your fundraising goals.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions to improve our program.

We want to spread the word about re-use and welcome the opportunity to help you easily raise money in the process.  By passing on this information to your members, you will be helping to educate them as well as future generations.

Why One Small Step?

Our program is different than traditional fundraisers

Easy Process - No up front cost, no order forms, no collecting money.  All orders are placed online so there is no extra paperwork.  Sales are not restricted to your local area because the items can be shipped anywhere.

Ongoing - Once a customer registers under your organization, all future sales will benefit your organization.  When the summer rolls around and back to school shopping begins, make sure to include us in your back to school letters to capitalize on back to school shopping.  Our product line keeps expanding to include more reusable lunch items, green school supplies, reusable bags and more!

Products people want! - We carry the best products for carrying and storing foods and beverages.  And everyone needs food and beverages daily! Seriously, even if your members do not pack lunch, our products are good for daily use and travel.  We carry products for people of all ages.

Expanded Fundraising Area - Your fundraising doesn’t have to only be local.  Request that your families forward our link on to out-of-town relatives.

Fair prices - Our goal is to keep our prices lower than or at suggested retail price.  Your members will not be paying extra for your organization to benefit.

Education - Our products encourage better choices for the environment and healthier eating.

Ready to get started?

Only 4+ easy steps...

1. Register - Email with:

    a. Organization Name and address

    b. Contact Name, phone and email address

    c. The name and address for the check

2. Promote our website. Simply mention One Small Step in your newsletters, emails, message boards and other communication channels. Sample emails, promotional fliers / postcards are available upon request. Contact us for more ideas.

3. Consider a 2-3 week fundraising kick-off.  Encourage people to order during this period and we will waive the shipping charge and ship all items pre-sorted in bulk to one location.  This works great in tandem with a waste-free lunch poster contest.  Talk to us about prize donations for the winner.  We can also post the winners on our website.

4. Receive your check every other month for 10% of the gross sales registered to your organization (including gift certificate purchases). We’ll send a statement of all sales to the email address on the account.  Ask us about our special 20% rebate for new schools.

5. Want to raise more than 10%?  Share the work with us.  We can offer 20% back on most items if you take a bunch to sell yourselves (20 or more).  This works well on the more popular items like the snacktaxis, wrap-n-mats, kidskonserve, klean kanteens, stainless steel straws and laptoplunches.  Email us at for more information.

The more you promote One Small Step, the more families will be likely to go green and purchase our products and more funds will automatically go to your organization!


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